Sunday, October 19, 2008

Presidential Historic Art offer: Exhibited in Bush Governor's Office during 2000 campaign, recount, & inauguration

Authentic Art Pieces of Presidential History,
for the Right Collector

You needn't have been a diehard Bush backer to want to own these inimitable pieces of history. You may simply be an adventurous collector interested in personally curating these original mixed-media sculptures with direct connections with the 2000 Presidential election, the historic recount, and the inauguration.

First Lady Laura Bush invited me to exhibit my choice of pieces in Governor George W. Bush's Texas State Capitol Offices in 1997, and they remained there through the 2000 election campaign, election day, the recount, and Inauguration Day, becoming popular with staff and visitors, with staff even naming the fish.

The first piece installed was "A Conscious Stream", a mixed-media Telefishin Art Aquarium created in the original cabinet of a pristine 1951 RCA Deluxe television. I collaborated with documentary photographer Alan Pogue to fashion a work of natural mirth and wonder, focusing on Austin's Barton Springs pool, a powerful copious spring that has been a gathering place since prehistoric Native times. Here's a link to Alan's other prodigious documentary work (
The second piece installed was "Radio Waves", another mixed-media Art Aquarium sculpture, this time created within the beautiful cabinet of an exquisitely designed 1920's Airline brand radio. The stunning blend of whimsy and graceful transcendence was on exhibit for two years and became an office and public favorite.

The future President stopped by during the first piece's installation, saying the art would get good exposure, and he was right since it led directly to an interview in the Texas Commission on the Arts newsletter and to Neiman Marcus inviting me into its catalogs and their two original flagship stores, as well as to an appearance by the above piece, "A Conscious Stream", on the CBS Early Show in New York.

My wonderful collectors and venues include the films "Spy Kids" and "My Boyfriend's Back", Southern Living Magazine Television, actor Alan Cumming, a Tracy Byrd music video, a Moroccan royal palace (bought by a prince), The Texas Country Reporter TV show, Austin Children's Museum, and Austin Children's Hospital. My works are also in private collection in dozens of galleries, homes, offices, and theaters across the country, including the homes of Super Bowl and World Series champions.

I try to personally install these pieces in what can be either a public or private event, including special consideration for out-of-state installations. Shipping is easily arranged otherwise as well. Authentication of historicity is provided, both a certificate and video. Other pieces are available. The prices for the Presidential Historic Collection reflect their intrinsic historic value. Are you the right Collector?

Contact me directly at, or 512-470-4532. Thanks.

Watch future First Lady Laura Bush welcoming Larry's art into her husband's Texas State Capitol offices.

View 14 photos of Larry's Telefishin Aquarium art pieces on his Picasa Album.